What “Made in America” Means to QMT Windchimes

“Made in America” can mean different things to different people. Sometimes it only means a product was assembled in America, or that some of the parts were locally sourced. Occasionally, some companies will refer to a product as American-made, even if it was only designed here. For QMT Windchimes, “made in America” means exactly what it says: from start to finish, all of our chimes are completely designed, sourced, machined, and assembled in the United States. Period.

Everything we use to make each of our chimes—the wood, the aluminum, and anything else we might need—is sourced in the United States. Once we have our hands on the material, every step of our construction process takes place in our manufacturing facility in Manassas Park, Virginia, from machining each tube to testing the sound of every chime by hand.

Keeping our process based entirely in the United States guarantees American-made quality and durability. QMT Windchimes is committed to carrying on the American legacy of high-quality, family-owned businesses that make products right here at home.

The Fourth of July brings out patriotic displays of all sorts, but at QMT Windchimes, we don’t save our love for our great country for just one day a year. We proudly show our support and love for the United States every day of the year by basing every part of our manufacturing process here in America.