Spring Is Coming! Make the Wind Sing…

Happy Spring! The season for rebirth is upon us, with new life blossoming from our gardens beginning this month. Depending on where you live, your spring season could be in full bloom, or you could still be shifting piles of snow. Either way, warmer weather is on the way and it’s time to spruce up those gardens and patios, to prepare for enjoying the tranquility of the outdoors.

When planning your garden area this year, why not consider adding a new set of wind chimes? You can visit your local QMT Windchimes retailer, or check out all the gorgeous wind chimes available on our website. The melodies from our wind chimes are sure to make the wind sing and enhance your outdoor rest and relaxation, whether it’s just for a moment, or for a whole afternoon.

When deciding on the best place to hang your new wind chimes, here are a few tips:

  • Pay attention to how the wind blows around your home and place your chime in a consistently breezy area, so you’ll hear a lovely constant melody from your chimes.
  • Ensure this area is free of debris and tree limbs so the chime sail doesn’t get tied up.
  • Watch out for that unpredictable spring weather, and either hang your chimes in a protected area, or consider taking them down during harsh spring storms. This will ensure that your chimes remain singing at their best.
  • When choosing your wind chime color, consider a color that provides a nice contrast to the color of your home. This will set off your chimes and will wow your neighbors and visitors.

If you’re one of our retail partners, pass along these tips to your customers, to help give them a vision for how wind chimes can add both visual and auditory beauty to their favorite outdoor area. You can find more helpful tips for your store in our Merchandising Success Guide.