QMT Windchimes Warranty and Repair

Our goal and hope with every QMT Windchimes purchase is that each product brings our customers years of pleasing melodies, and they are designed to do so with little-to-no maintenance required! If maintenance is required, we offer a warranty on every chime, and we offer repair services when needed. Whether it’s due to minor production issue or unexpected damage during daily use, if a QMT Windchimes product needs post-purchase attention, our warranty and repair process takes effect.

Here’s how QMT Windchimes’ Limited Warranty Works

QMT Windchimes offers a limited warranty that covers errors in workmanship and materials. For instance, a manufacturing issue could cause a sharp spot on one of your tubes that in turn causes a string on your wind chime to wear through. In that case, we would be happy to repair your chime or replace the defective part. To send in your chime you can fill out our Repair form located here.

Currently, our limited warranty covers these brands for the length of time listed:

5 Years:

  • Arabesque
  • Corinthian Bells
  • Gentle Spirits
  • Bells of Vienna
  • Kromatix*
3 Years:

  • Shenandoah
  • For the Girls
2 Years:

  • Arias
  • Festival
  • Lakeshore
  • Arias Elite*
  • Weatherland

*Brand Discontinued 12/31/2017

Repairs Are Available — Warranty or Not

We’re happy to repair your chime should that become necessary. If your wind chime is covered by warranty, we’ll repair and return it to you free of charge. For chimes whose warranty has expired, the customary repair fee is $25, plus the cost of replacement parts and return shipping.

If you believe a repair is necessary, please send the chime in its original packaging, along with a receipt showing the date of purchase. Use the following address for all repairs:

QMT Windchimes
Attention: Repairs
9204 Vassau Court, Suite F
Manassas Park, VA20111

If you don’t have the purchase information, please include a note about the length of ownership and what seems to be wrong. Also, please include your home address and a phone number so that we can contact you with any questions.

Replace Your Missing or Damaged Windsail 

Windsail replacement is one of the most common repairs we make at QMT Windchimes. No matter how your windsail may have become damaged, we’re happy to offer replacement sails for each of our wind chime lines.

You can purchase a replacement windsail here, and can replace it yourself following the instructions in this quick video.

Contact QMT Windchimes With All Your Warranty Questions

If you have a specific question about your warranty, a repair, or anything else that may be amiss with your chime, don’t hesitate to contact QMT Windchimes.

Our Customer Service Center is open from 8am to 5pm eastern time Monday through Friday. To contact us by phone, call 888-978-0001. You may also reach us by email at [email protected] or by completing our Contact Form. Whatever your repair or warranty question, we’ll do our best to provide an answer.