Plan ahead for Christmas with the gift of wind chimes from QMT

Christmas Gifts

Fall may have only just arrived, but Christmas isn’t far away. Soon seasonal shopping will be in full swing and what better accent to the joy of the season could there be than the sound of wind chimes?

Bells are a traditional part of Christmas celebrations the world over, taking a key role in announcing the celebration of the birth of Christ every December 25. We think QMT Windchimes® products can be a great addition to the celebratory season, whether it’s as a gift or as a decorative accent outside your own home, to ring in the holidays.

If you plan to purchase a set of wind chimes from QMT as a gift or for yourself, be mindful of shipping restrictions around the holidays. Though we ship all standard orders within one business day, it can take some time to reach your location when we ship from our warehouse in Manassas Park, Virginia.

Plan ahead if you’re hoping to make a beautiful wind chime from QMT a part of your Christmas celebration this year!