NEW 78″ Corinthian Bells T936

The best brand in windchimes just got bigger!

The New Corinthian Bells® T936 wind chime is 75

QMT Windchimes® is proud to introduce the New T936 windchime to its bestselling Corinthian Bells® line. The T936 is 78” long and is available in two colors: Green and Copper Vein. Constructed with 2.5” aluminum alloy tubes, the deep bass chime is a hefty 45 lbs. By weight, the T936 is 50% larger than the 65” T836, the next largest Corinthian Bells® windchime. Both are hand-tuned to the key of D# to harmonize well when played in tandem. If you like our T736 & T836 chimes, you’ll love the new larger size. Find yours at a store near you.