Made in the USA – Not Just a Marketing Phrase

Last week, QMT’s Patty Baisden sat down with Jamie Gorman on Be Better at Business TV to discuss Made in the USA products and the importance of local manufacturing. Jamie and Patty discussed cost effectiveness and inventory management, relationships with valued vendors and retailers, and the idea that Made in the USA is not just a marketing phrase–it is a true opportunity and commitment for local manufacturers.

So is it really cheaper to manufacture offshore?  Patty calls this a myth in the interview, detailing the importance of keeping manufacturing local, as well as how to keep that manufacturing profitable.  She also discusses the impact of buying local:  acknowledging that Made in the USA products may cost a little more upfront, she counters that they are typically higher quality, making them a worthwhile investment and an overall better value.  This quality assurance supports American small business and the economy for local manufacturers and consumers alike.

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