International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission (IJM) partners with local justice systems around the globe to help victims of violence. IJM has relieved 45,000 people from oppression in 17 different countries.

Today, the organization has worked to protect more than 150 million people in all. For the month of May, QMT Windchimes is donating 20 percent of all online sales to the charity’s cause.

IJM aids in the prevention of violence by following its four step Justice System Transformation Model. In the first step, Rescue, IJM works with local police to rescue victims of violence. Next, IJM tries to achieve Restoration by working with social workers to return survivors to their communities. Then, IJM also works to Restrain those who are committing these violent acts before ending its work by Representing survivors in court.

Through this process, IJM finds weaknesses in the justice system to fix. In turn, the organization helps to protect the poor and prevent violence, as it builds relationships within the worldwide system and proves that the system can work.

QMT Windchimes is a proud supporter of International Justice Mission. If you would like to donate, visit the International Justice Mission’s website for more information.