How Sound Sets QMT Windchimes Apart

QMT Windchimes is widely known for the quality of sound in every one of our hand-tuned wind chimes. In each set of chimes, from Corinthian Bells to Lakeshore Melodies and beyond, the beautiful and melodic sounds our wind chimes make truly sets us apart from every other chime on the market.

But what’s different about the sound QMT Windchimes provides? And how do we achieve such consistently excellent sound?

It’s all in the construction process.

Each of our wind chimes uses the highest quality aluminum or wooden components, sourced right here in the United States. These high quality materials give our chimes their tone and resonance, and pairing them with a central suspension system allows each chime to ring freely.

These materials are carefully crafted into superior chimes at our manufacturing facility in Manassas Park, Virginia. We take care to ensure that each chime is cut with extreme precision and shaped to create excellent tonal quality and long-lasting resonance. Some of our customers have compared the sound of our chimes to church bells, and a single tone has been known to linger in the air for more than a minute.

But don’t just take our word for it. Even if you can’t stop by a store who carries QMT Windchimes, we want you to experience the beautiful sounds of our chimes. Listen to the sweet sounds of our Corinthian Bells chimes below and check out the unique sounds of every one of our chimes here.