How to Pick the Perfect Wind Chime

Adding a set of wind chimes from QMT Windchimes to your outdoor space is a great decision. Deciding which wind chime product you’d like is much more difficult.

That’s why we created “Picking the Perfect Wind Chime” — a guide to walk you through your various wind chime choices and help you select the perfect set for your specific needs. (Download it here.)

Start with sound to choose your chimes

The sound of our chimes is the main thing that sets QMT Windchimes apart. Our high-quality materials and “Made in America” manufacturing process combine to deliver unmatched tone and resonance. Each tube on every one of our wind chimes is hand tested to make sure you’re getting the best possible sound.

But not every one of our chimes sounds the same. From Corinthian Bells to Arabesque to Arias, each of our lines has its own unique tonal qualities. If you’re considering purchasing a wind chime product from QMT, explore the different sounds our chimes can offer and let that be the first guidepost to your decision. Each chime section on our website offers links to listen to the chimes.

A comprehensive guide on how to choose your chimes

Of course, although our wind chimes bring beautiful melodies wherever they go, there’s much more to the process. Download Picking the Perfect Wind Chime: What to Consider When Selecting a Chime to help you determine which wind chime from QMT best meets your needs. This comprehensive guide outlines what to consider and how to choose the perfect set for you or your loved one.