Cleaning Your Wind Chimes

It’s Spring Cleaning Season!

Throw open your windows and let the fresh air in:  it’s spring cleaning season!  With all of the organizing and scrubbing that goes on indoors, it’s important you don’t neglect your outdoor space:  after all, once summer is in full swing, that’s where you’ll want to spend the most time!

Summer is arguably the most popular season for wind chimes, so don’t forget to include them in your spring cleaning.  All of our wind chimes are Made in the USA from materials of superior durability.  Even the best made products will weather over time—therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our best cleaning tips to maximize the life of your chimes:

Traditional Chimes – Apply varnish or stain to last longer

Our traditional lines such as Arias Elite® or Weatherland® are made with wooden components.  Wood will weather naturally over time, but you can apply varnishes and stains to your favorite chimes to protect it even longer.  Taking these chimes down during severe ice or wind will also extend their life.

Contemporary Chimes – Soap and Water

For our more contemporary lines like the Corinthian Bells® or Gentle Spirits®, the cleaning is even easier!  Because the materials and powder-coating of these chimes are specifically designed to be resistant to temperature fluctuations, humidity, and exposure to the sun, you can simply clean your chimes with water, soap, and a damp rag.  Our chimes are made from Aluminum and will not rust.

Hang all chimes securely and away from structures they may hit on a windy day.

To continue to extend the life of your chime, use appropriate care when hanging and caring for your chime.  Make sure your chimes are hung from something that can support it—particularly if you are the owner of one of our large chimes!  Don’t hang your chime where it can hit something else (such as a wall, pole, etc.) as this may damage the chime, and of course, always take your chime indoors during particularly severe weather.  Be sure to check out our shepherd’s hooks and tree hooks if you are looking for a sturdier place for your chime.

Wind Chime Repairs

If it becomes necessary, we do have a repair program in place for brand which we manufacture.  We include limited warranties with some brands, and we also have a non-warranty restringing program to restore your old favorites to their former glory.  Please contact customer service if you have specific questions about cost, timeliness, etc., and any one of our representatives would be more than happy to help you make the best decision!

Happy spring cleaning!