Big Wind Chimes or Small Wind Chimes: Which Should You Choose?

Once you’ve decided to elevate the exterior of your home with one of the many beautiful QMT Windchimes products, you’ll want to answer several questions about style, sound, and size.

And while every one of the wind chimes we make and sell will both look and sound great, the size is entirely up to you. So how do you decide what size chime you’ll need? Here are two key things to think about.

1: Think about the sound environment you want to create

Rest assured that the quality of sound you’ll get from one of our wind chimes will always be excellent, but every size has its own unique tone.

Just listen how different a 65-inch Shenandoah Melodies™ chime sounds from the 25-inch variety:

Consider carefully how each of these tones fits with the environment you’re trying to create in your outdoor space and choose the wind chime whose size helps you achieve that goal.

2: Think about your location

The list of places you could put a wind chime is practically endless. Our customers use their wind chimes almost everywhere, from apartment balconies to front porches to gardens, gazebos, and beyond.

But not every size of wind chime fits every location. Before you select a chime, you’ll want to make sure your location suits the chime you choose. Measure carefully, then pick the size you need from your favorite line of QMT Windchimes products.