Backyard Bird Feeders Fun for the Whole Family

While we’re best known for our melodious chimes, we also offer a selection of elegant and naturally beautiful bird feeders and bird houses– perfect for some backyard family bird watching!

Our Mountain View™ bird feeders and bird houses are hand-crafted from redwood and configured in completely original designs. Both represent a stylish, refined addition to your outdoor space.

Bird feeders are beautiful and easy to install

Our Mountain View feeders come in four different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. The small and extra small variations are also available with an attractive etched design (pictured here). These functional feeders are easy to check and clean through a roof that can be removed and snapped back on easily.

Each of our Mountain View feeders is easy to install. Every order comes with a pre-drilled mounting block and a pair of wood screws. Simply select a location and you’ll be bird-watching in no time.

Bird houses attract long-term visitors to your yard

If you’re aiming to offer more than a passing snack for the feathered friends in your area, consider one of our Mountain View wooden bird houses. Our series includes houses built to accommodate bluebirds, wrens and flycatchers. Like our bird feeders, each of these houses is made from American redwood. This naturally rot-resistant wood is strong enough to withstand generations of feathery travelers, and styled like a classic log cabin, these bird houses will make an attractive addition to your backyard.

Reap the benefits of adding bird feeders and bird houses to your yard

Adding bird feeders or houses to your outdoor space is a great way to educate the whole family about different types of bird species. Whether you’re outdoors enjoying the warm weather, or indoors looking out, bird feeders are a year-round delight for all ages.

Plus, attracting certain birds can help with pest control, which in turn can lead to secondary benefits like pollination and weed management in your outdoor spaces. And providing birds with a home in the form of a bird house offers quality “habitat replacement” to native species who may be losing habitat in your area.

Add some bird-watching to your summer plans, and provide the perfect spot with one of our Mountain View bird feeders or bird houses.