Why “Made in the USA” Matters

As we anticipate celebrating our nation’s independence on July 4th, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on why “Made in the USA” matters.

You may remember that only a few decades ago, most products were still made in America. But manufacturing in the U.S. has been in a decline since the 1990’s, when many U.S. companies moved their factories offshore where labor is cheaper.

For QMT Windchimes, “Made in the USA” is not just a slogan, but represents a commitment to quality, a belief in fair wages and working conditions, and support for our local communities. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, “almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one.”

With this in mind, we are proud to say we have been manufacturing our hand-tuned wind chimes in America for over 30 years. We manufacture our chimes in Manassas Park, Virginia and use raw materials from American lumber and aluminum suppliers.

Next time you’re at the store or shopping online, show your support for the United States by seeking out products made in America. You’ll likely get a great product that reflects the high quality of American-made.