The Story of QMT Windchimes


QMT Windchimes originated in the Florida craft show circuit in the early 80’s. Mike Throne camped in the back of his van and traveled to craft shows, selling different products, including wind chimes from a local producer. When his source for chimes dried up, Mike began to build his own handmade wind chimes (like the one pictured here), with an eye toward quality and continually improving his designs. Mike was determined to offer the buying public a chime that was as beautiful to see as it was to hear. And it worked; the demand for his wind chimes soon overwhelmed his ability to make them himself, so he found QMT’s facility in Manassas, Virginia and hired his first employees.

Fast forward to 2005 and Mike chooses his successor (and current owner) Jamie Baisden. Under Jamie’s leadership, the manufacturing process still starts with the raw materials: rough-cut redwood boards and 30-foot long extruded and powder coated aluminum pipe. Workers cut, plane and sand the wooden components to size, after which they receive five coats of varnish. The redwood is purchased a tractor trailer at a time from California, and gets cut up into little pieces by a computer-controlled saw. Once cut, it gets ripped, planed, embossed and cut to size. In the pipe shop, the long aluminum lengths are cut to specific sizes. All of the aluminum tubes are “tuned” to a specific musical key.

Since the early days of QMT, musical quality has always been the driving force behind these chimes. In the years since its beginnings, QMT has introduced several new lines of chimes, as well as expanded and improved our best-selling lines. We are continuing to move forward with new sounds and designs, while maintaining the standards of excellence and innovation on which the company was built.