Thank a Teacher During Teacher Appreciation Week


During your years in school, there was likely a teacher you remember and connected with. Teachers can have a powerful impact on the lives of their students, and certainly deserve appreciation! If you’re considering a gift during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-11, 2018, a set of gorgeous QMT Windchimes would be a meaningful treasure from a student, and a gift that a teacher can enjoy for years to come.

Teachers affect the lives of their students daily and even though students may feel school is tough and or even unfair, there is a teacher out there who will forever be in their hearts. Please help the students in your life honor their teachers this year, and if you’re purchasing a gift, there are dozens of beautiful windchimes to choose from, in all colors, sizes and sounds. Remember, QMT Windchimes are handcrafted here in the USA, and will hold a special place in the life of of the teacher that receives them. Plus, making an online purchase of any QMT Windchime during the month of April means 20 percent of the profit goes to The American Red Cross.

Buying wind chimes for a teacher will provide double benefit — delighting the favorite teachers in your students’ lives, and sending donations to the Red Cross. Thanks from all of us at QMT Windchimes for making so many lives better with your purchase.