Weatherland Windchimes Shopping Cart

Weatherland® Chimes are individually hand-tuned to clear, classical notes that resonate peaceful melodies. A wide range of sizes are available, ranging from the light, breezy notes of Whisper of the Plains®, to the deep, rich tones of Church Bells in D-Major®. Individual tags distinguish each chime and give information specific to its melody. Each Weatherland® Chime is boxed with the name of the chime printed clearly on the outside.

Weatherland® Chimes are made of weather-resistant materials for year-round enjoyment. Anodized or powder coated aluminum tubes and a polyester cord guarantee that Weatherland® Chimes will remain attractive throughout the years.

Weatherland® Chimes are available in Oak or Walnut finish. The wood components are varnished with an exterior satin finish for a soft, natural look. The Oak components tend to have light coloring, while the Walnut components have rich dark hues.

Weatherland® Chimes Design Profile

Hanging Hardware: Ring
Shape of Base: Solid Circle
Material of Base: North American Hardwoods: Walnut or Oak finish
Wind Sail Profile: Diamond Teardrop
Pipe Profile: Standard aluminum alloy
Available Colors: Silver, Bronze, Forest Green
Number of Tubes: Five, Six, or Eight, depending on model
Available Sizes: Nine Sizes, ranging from 15 to 67 inches long