Compassion International


Compassion International is a Christian child advocacy charity designed to help children around the world escape poverty. In June, 20% of all QMT online sales will be donated to the support of Compassion International’s ongoing mission.

Founded in 1952, Compassion International works with a goal of helping every child they serve “become a responsible and fulfilled adult.” This charity focuses on four main areas in their aid to children: survival, child development, youth development, and child sponsorship.

In their survival and child development phases, Compassion International works to reduce infant mortality in impoverished areas while transitioning those children into a healthy development environment. As those children grow, enter school, and mature, they transition to youth development, which places older children into customized training and education programs.

All of this is funded via child sponsorship, in which a donor contributes a monthly donation toward the development of a single child. Along with letter writing, prayer, and other interaction, this model provides focused support for the child in a transparent,  accountable manner.

QMT Windchimes is proud to support Compassion International this month. If you would like to donate to Compassion International directly, please visit their website.