Church Bell Chimes for the Holidays


Corinthian Bells 74"
Corinthian Bells 74″

Ring-a-ling! Hear them ring! Soon it will be Christmas Day!

One of our most popular requests throughout the year is for chimes that sound like church bells, and we are proud to promote these chimes during this holiday season!  Church bells are an iconic sound of Christmas, and our range of church bell chimes allows you to bring the warmth and comfort of this seasonal sound home with you.

Church bell chimes use long, thin tubes to create their distinctive sound. The tubes themselves are thick-walled:  the thicker the tube, the deeper the bell tone of the chime. The distinctive sound quality of church bell chimes has made this style a favorite for many people. Because several of our different lines offer a church bell chime, you can choose the design that works best for you.

Our highest-end, more contemporary lines all feature a church bells chime.  From the all-aluminum lines, choose which design you prefer from Corinthian Bells®, Gentle Spirits®, or Bells of Vienna®, all at 74″.   The church bell chime from Shenandoah Melodies® is a bit smaller, a good choice if you have less space, at 67″.

If you prefer a chime with more traditional construction, try the 65″ Arias Elite® or 67″ Weatherland®.  No matter which you choose, you know that your chime has been specially proportioned to ring with the musical sound of church bells.

Remember, all of our chimes are Made in the USA and constructed with durable, weather-resistant components, so your church bell chimes can survive outdoors all year long.  We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!