Charity of the Month: BARN Transitional Housing

Each month we designate a charity with whom we share a percentage of our sales. This month we’re partnering with BARN Community Housing, a resource that helps families in need find secure and stable shelter. During the month of January, QMT Windchimes has nominated BARN to receive 20% of its online sales to support the cause and help families in need.

Families can find themselves facing homelessness when something derails their lives. BARN helps promote healing, growth and self-sufficiency as families recover from the obstacles they’re facing. Since 1997, BARN has helped more than 1,000 families overcome homelessness, by providing temporary housing, plus support to solve the underlying issues each family is facing. BARN has 3 “neighborhoods” on their campus and can house about 12 families at a time. Read more about BARN here.