1. Warranty Information for QMT Windchimes

    QMT Windchimes Product Quality All QMT wind chimes are Made in the USA and designed to provide years of enjoyment with little or no maintenance. Our wind chimes are designed to provide years of enjoyment hung in the out-of-doors with little or no maintenance.  We manufacture all our chimes with tubes made from our proprietary … Continued

  2. Cleaning Your Wind Chimes

    It’s Spring Cleaning Season! Throw open your windows and let the fresh air in:  it’s spring cleaning season!  With all of the organizing and scrubbing that goes on indoors, it’s important you don’t neglect your outdoor space:  after all, once summer is in full swing, that’s where you’ll want to spend the most time! Summer … Continued

  3. Wooden vs. All-Aluminum: What’s the Difference?

    QMT Windchimes® is well known for our range of exceptional hand-tuned wind chimes for your home and garden.  We strive to create chimes that will not only sound beautiful, but that will also look appealing and distinctive. We currently manufacture several brands of windchimes, right here in Virginia–some with wooden components and some that are … Continued

  4. How to Choose Windchimes that Play Well Together

    One of the most common questions we receive from people shopping for their second or third windchimes is, “Which wind chimes sound best together?” While the notes of each particilar windchime are tuned to blend with each other, which groups of windchimes will blend well? Two ways to group windchimes musically are by using a … Continued

  5. How to find products that are Made in the USA

    QMT is proud to manufacture our chimes in the USA, and we work hard to produce a high-valued product using only domestic parts and labor.  Our raw materials, labor, and packaging are all provided by American workers and sourced from American companies.  We also understand that in today’s market, finding American-made products can be a … Continued