Arabesque: Emerald & Sapphire

Arabesque® wind chimes are taking the stage in 2015!  We’ve built upon our best-selling Corinthian Bells® wind chimes to create a sophisticated hand-tuned chime that’s dressed to impress.  After an enthusiastic response to these chimes this spring, we’re expanding it this summer to include two new colors: Emerald & Sapphire.

Engraved silver rings on the tiered dome and tubes sparkle like gemstones I the sun. An intricate lacy texture and a glossy finish give Arabesque chimes a sophisticated look and feel. A curved wind sail enhances the chime’s performance, and decorative scallops add elegance to its design. Available in four colors (Onyx, Garnet, Emerald & Sapphire) and sizes (29”, 36”, 44”, & 50”).