Announcing Brand New Colors for Corinthian Bells and Arabesque Wind Chimes

QMT is thrilled to introduce new colors for our most popular wind chimes, available starting September 1.

Corinthian Bells® Silver Vein

Corinthian Bells are our bestselling wind chimes, and they set the standard for premium, hand-tuned wind chimes. Our newest color — Silver Vein — borrows its striking black veins from our popular Copper Vein, to offer a new twist to an old favorite.

Corinthian Bells wind chimes are available in ten sizes, with each size offered in as many as seven colors. Not only is their sound extraordinary, but each size and color is beautiful to look at and a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space.

Arabesque® Chocolate Diamond

Arabesque wind chimes are perfect if you’re looking for something extra special. These elegant chimes include engraved silver rings on the tiered dome and tubes, which makes them sparkle like gemstones. An intricate lacy texture and a glossy finish give these chimes a sophisticated look and feel, and the curved wind sail enhances the chime’s performance.

Arabesque wind chimes are available in 4 sizes and 5 colors, including our newest color Chocolate Diamond — rich and irresistible!

Take a moment now to enjoy browsing and listening to these and our other wind chimes lines.