1. Local Food Cooking Inspiration

    Last week while visiting the farmers market I asked one of the vendors what his favorite bakery item was; his coconut bread ranked highest in his books. He mentioned its thick spongey texture being good fro french toast. I got a loaf and although I knew it was more of a breakfast bread I had … Continued

  2. Bee Swarms and Caring for them

    It’s May, and healthy honeybee hives will naturally swarm to start new colonies this time of year. If you see a swarm of bees while caring for your garden this is something you may see this time of year. If you see one, don’t spray them! Bees have a hard enough time as it is. … Continued

  3. Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is coming up and as we remember and honor those who we have lost we look for channels to memorialize these special people. In Loving Memory® is a line created with six inspirational quotes featured on the wind sail and customizable wind sail options. QMT can engrave names, dates and can work with … Continued

  4. Embrace Life to the Fullest

    One of my friends showed me a video the other day about how we all die but not all of us live. When operating QMT we try to embrace life to the best of our abilities. We encourage employees to make time for their families. We give Leap Day of every four years and send … Continued

  5. 2016 Business Honor Roll Award

    QMT Windchimes was awarded 2016 Business Honor Roll by Manassas Park Virginia School Board. QMT Windchimes is a supporter of the BELL foundation. Bell foundation is an organization focused on increased support for the students of Manassas Park and on strengthening our community from within. QMT Windchimes supports the Manassas Park community outside of the schools. Family Market … Continued

  6. Farmers Market and Eating Local

    As a small business, we encourage and support local businesses as much as we can. By supporting the farmers market, small business owners, local artists and emerging entrepreneurs we are hoping to spark family businesses within our community. One local baker, Nsougan Sessou, explained how much having a small family business has been important in … Continued